11 mai 2010

Newness Recommend: Esprit de Corps

I’m big fan of musical , admiring the beautiful wonderful life that they have, I think it’s the energy what depress me deeply when I was a little girl saw the musical “The Sound Of Music”, singing and dance ,that’s a different life of my real and a better life. So I start to save the musical which I saw by CD or DVD. When they advertise their new thing, the LV bags will be the must-be accessory.

As I grow up, my musical record grows too, and I start to notice the story of gifted dancer, they are really amazing, they make dream world to be real like a magician, and show the colorful life of others outside. Yes sometimes the life is dark and depressed but the host always has hope, they always give us hope. And I think this is the reason why I love musical: it always show me the golden heart of human, the immortal sprit of love. One more thing, when you see the press conference, LV wallets in their hands will be more attractive than themselves.

This article reminds the deeply feeling of life and pure excitement. We should support the bravura way of saying story, and we should attend the shows personally, to feel about the life of musical, and the wonderful of life. 

Yes, I know I’m late, I always store beautiful LV pouches blueprints and designs at my computer, but almost time I forget them, lucky it, just close France haute couture week, remind me, and I find this beautiful necklace, I don’t use the word funny and fabulous at the same time, because they can’t and I always say the truth, but there always has first time, and I’m glad give it to this incredible necklace. It’s hard to make animal element elegant, young and adorable.

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