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14 mai 2010

Louis Vuitton Hat Box

As one of the top fashion houses in the world, LV bags have spread its branches almost into every corner of our daily life. Right now, Louis Vuitton is good at making its goods commercialized, however, not all the times only luxury without any use. Take this hat box for example; it’s powerful enough to prove LV sometimes is indeed kind and thoughtful.

Look at this vintage styled Louis Vuitton Hat Box sit on the innocent Taxi. It features a normal round leather box patterned with our familiar Louis Vuitton monogram detailing. And then you are holding replica LV wallets. Definitely, you will be the star.

With double golden brass zipper pulls as the closure or the open going all around the body, this box is crafted in exquisite white stitching and best leather trim. What’s really considerate is the leather handle part, which even leaves some creasing for the age or storage differences. And moreover, the brass toned feet at the bottom provide the security for the hat box. And something should be mentioned is the top lit or extra room, which has extend another elastic pleated space to hold your other essentials such as ID card. Also attached with a detachable shoulder strap for the multi-function, it measures approximately


in diameter and



Plus, the brown cotton canvas, also the most common color for LV pouches, is durable enough under the best condition to protect the hats from being broken or twisted. It’s a perfect living assistant to help you solve the hat problem and due to its stunning look, you are supposed to be the spotlight when carrying this hat box out.

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13 mai 2010

Unbelievable LV Bags Accessories

The inspiration of LV handbags comes from the famous Fontana di Trevi in


. And it’s better known throughout the world due to one of the Oscar du meilleur films Roman Holiday. This series of Trevi has been applied with classic tessellated patterned canvas which came before the monogram, and used the bright red back lining. And one reason for its popularity lies with the optional shoulder strap providing the versatile carrying ways.

There are two sizes for LV bags Trevi series—GM and PM, which is also different from that of the others in GM, MM, and PM. GM is the biggest, measured






, while PM is the smallest in






. Either of them is spacious enough, so PM version is more commonly used in daily life. Besides, it’s amazing to find that from viewed from the side, the bag still looks delicate.

No matter the golden metal feet or the leather joining and trimming, any small detail could reflect that the top quality by Louis Vuitton brings you the most luxury visual and touching sense.

I have heard LV pouches, bags accessories, towel, bath towel and kitchen towel, but beach towel, are you serious? Do you mean the towel made of cotton or fabric to be put on the beach suffering the high temperature, people’s weight, continuous sweating, and the beach sand? Dear me, it must be a tough task to clean the beach towel.

Hey, Louis Vuitton, it’s you again. I have already admitted you are Mr. Omnipotent, but you seem to always enjoy the showing off that you are capable enough. Yup, this piece of beach towel is indeed lovely and sweet, I like the combination of pink and crimson very much. Wait, are you insane? $ 450 for a piece of beach towel…you got to be kidding me!!! Do you know how much money and manpower will cost me on cleaning this expensive towel? And don’t you know you are so big a name that everybody wants to own you by hook or by crook?

Well, if having the chance to go to the beach, I do not want brings Mr. Trouble along with me. I only want to switch off to enjoy the sunshine and the clear sea wind, and my eyes are only needed to focus on the beautiful beach scene not watch out for this beach towel all the time…Sorry, your beach towel are too precious to purchase…

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12 mai 2010

LV Bags New Fashion Post in 2010

This owl-shaped face gives life to LV personalized necklace; furthermore, the necklace itself seems to have life, , lead you to the mysterious forest, gold tree leaves, green cryophyte, shining flower, diamond moon, all this make a whole story, that a story you can enjoy all your life.

Except imagine, LV bags also give u good taste and high quality like I always say only have beautiful is not enough, you need to shock me, and this necklace do so .Hope you can enough this story that I tell ,and give laugh to your life.

The answer is lying down, like the beautiful Lara Stone lying among a vast jungle, yes, it’s a joke. You don’t have to put your hands over your head, and give your legs a 45°angle. It’s uncomfortable. But the style of this picture show about is very fashionablecasual and CHIC, although I don’t really like the color of this paper, it’s kind of dark, and the model like a lonely princess fled to the forest with her LV handbags and her graceful posture,. This picture reminds me of the tragic moment when a model fall down on the runway and keeps hunting me once when I look to this photo. Although I don’t like the pose, at next picture, I’m totally defeated by the coloring of the denim color dress and clogs. The color is very beautiful , and will be the most powerful tornado crash all the fashion shows .Back to the dress is a good model for everyone, which use a one-piece dress to go with a T-shit ,it’s a clever matching, chic but not flaunt. This series of clothing shows a trend of LV style these recent years which is more and more young, and color is more and lighter. Next time, you can try this post with LV wallets. We believe you will chock most people.

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11 mai 2010

Newness Recommend: Esprit de Corps

I’m big fan of musical , admiring the beautiful wonderful life that they have, I think it’s the energy what depress me deeply when I was a little girl saw the musical “The Sound Of Music”, singing and dance ,that’s a different life of my real and a better life. So I start to save the musical which I saw by CD or DVD. When they advertise their new thing, the LV bags will be the must-be accessory.

As I grow up, my musical record grows too, and I start to notice the story of gifted dancer, they are really amazing, they make dream world to be real like a magician, and show the colorful life of others outside. Yes sometimes the life is dark and depressed but the host always has hope, they always give us hope. And I think this is the reason why I love musical: it always show me the golden heart of human, the immortal sprit of love. One more thing, when you see the press conference, LV wallets in their hands will be more attractive than themselves.

This article reminds the deeply feeling of life and pure excitement. We should support the bravura way of saying story, and we should attend the shows personally, to feel about the life of musical, and the wonderful of life. 

Yes, I know I’m late, I always store beautiful LV pouches blueprints and designs at my computer, but almost time I forget them, lucky it, just close France haute couture week, remind me, and I find this beautiful necklace, I don’t use the word funny and fabulous at the same time, because they can’t and I always say the truth, but there always has first time, and I’m glad give it to this incredible necklace. It’s hard to make animal element elegant, young and adorable.

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10 mai 2010

LV Bags in Monogram Mini Black

This time, LV bags collections constantly reinvents themselves and their seemingly endless collection of bags and luggage, this is no secret. New colors here and there, new spin-offs of the traditional and very popular Monogram Canvas come to mind. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I have not the traditional cloth on all counts, I get sick to see on the streets and have it automatically as faux or not. Although I like some of derivatives, which is released lately LV handbags, do what I can not always be on the whole Cerise’s example. However here comes the big, I like the Monogram Mini in black. The black cloth with silver LV monograms just works for me. Meg is also – I share their view that it is far more advanced than the cerise shade, or other events that seem to have been dismissed mm far.

Good example – the LV Cabas Mary-Kate. The $ 1k tote sports a young, trendy look and who can as a casual everyday tote for urban Biz & meetings or other work-jazz function. The double zipper adds convenience and quick access, and additional space is many inside pockets for cell and misc garbage bag. No matter where you want to travel, taking this LV bag will be much convenient. Not only you can enjoy the sight during the travail, but also it can make your travel more comfortable.

Another good company for your travel is the LV wallets. Not mention the beautiful design, the small space but the effective use; holding such a unique wallet in your hand during the travel, you will be the star in the crowded.

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09 mai 2010

LV Bags Keep Your Items in Proper Order

When we speak of LV bags, what they will think about is the fashionable girls with the fantastic


items, they will never think of a man in


bags or clothes. This season, several designer handbags for men are necessarily released. As they see it, save a backpack or a large computer to store all the problems of men. She thought of the many roles to play a man. He makes luggage bag for business, a backpack for holding PC, a bag or suitcase on the documents and such practical bag for Thomas Mann, who kept a little too compact and efficient needed. I’m glad LV 2010 collection has all kinds of bags, which might require you included.

If a man has one of LV briefcases, they should keep everything tidy, and that is exactly the originality of the Thomas case. It is elegant male iconic Damier Graphite canvas, and this makes it an ideal case for the man who has a high quality of life and fashion tastes. Monogram and Damier Both are timeless symbols of the fashion house, and I think it Damier male and female monogram. It is equipped with 10.2 x

10.2 cm

size, with a zippered front pocket and two interior flat pockets for essentials. It should be borne out by an adjustable shoulder strap. Do you like it? The sale of the LV Damier Canvas Bag Label Keys is $ 345, but you can keep replica LV handbag in only $ 55. A little surprised? As the development of the internet, nothing is impossible. Whatever you think, you will find the exactly or the similar one online.

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08 mai 2010

New Crush from LV Bags

It is no wonder that people take


collections as the mark of the luxury. They will be much proud if they can buy one of the LV bags collections. Here we will give u the details why people can not resist the LV storm. GM Sistina is a challenging case with meticulous craftsmanship. This latest addition to the family Damier canvas is unmistakably feminine, with its soft folds. I love wrinkles. It’s only cute, and gives him more weight. The large capacity for this LV handbag is divided into three compartments with soft red microfiber lining to keep your things. There is a special case for your BlackBerry phone. Made of discreet Damier Canvas, this represents a striking engraved golden buckle on your bag securely and offers an elegant touch. It can be kept on the hands or shoulders for its adjustable strap.

The size of GM Sistina is 17.7 inches long,

12.2 cm

wide and

7.9 cm

in height. It is designed for everyday use or travel; retail $ 2,020 for a large variety. If you like LV, you should grab this show case for the new Member States! And you will never regret for buying this bags at so high cost. As the same case, the new design for LV briefcases is also the hot items for men. As soon as the represents announce the new design for briefcase will be released late this months, most successfully business men have already keep their eyes on this. They want to make sure that they can get the satisfied design briefcase. Even men will be so crazy about this, we will not mention how much charm for women and fashionable girls to own one



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07 mai 2010

Answer to Your Doubt about LV Bags

Here’s a question for you. Have you ever wondered why so many LV bags of the same type, I mean, in different colors or materials? I have often asked myself that same question until he hit me, but one day in the rain and kept my bag on my chest because she was my baby. Designers know what LV bags are not intended to be worn at certain times.

Currently in the rain, I thought the reason for the multiples of a given case, LV has never fully MM; however, it’s easy when you think about it. Not all LV pouches withstand all weather conditions. Some bags of different materials on the style for each state to come. Another case, I would advise you not carry your bags from LV, if you are outside features that you are surrounded with water or dirt. LV bags are very fashionable bags which are to places like some places would be taken noble. The way LV bags are ideal for outdoor activities. The best way to get seasonal LV wallets is to make sure that you can never go wrong with owning more than a LV bags.

LV bags are built to last a lifetime. The quality of each piece speaks for itself. It is everything I say, so being careful. If you really want the LV bags be with u all the time, there is another choice--- buying replica LV bags. We know it will cost a little to buy the replica items with high quality. So if you can not resist the temptation of the famous items, replica is the best choice.

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06 mai 2010

Not Average Designer---LV Bags

I doubt there is no any other company with so many forms and variations of their own signature but LV bags. As we approach the middle of summer, the French, comes from the creative force and the LV new products press conference ---LV Batignolles Horizontal Collections. The Batignolles is designed as a versatile everyday shopper or briefcase with enough space for a laptop with you, and even sports Vuitton elegance and luxury. The classic Monogram Canvas is finished with shiny golden hardware and sumptuous natural cowhide, while the interior trim is lined with canvas with an interior key ring, and keeps up with zip and cell phone pockets for storage. The adjustable side gussets, if you must feel, about half of the office with you to. If you want to be LV bags owners, please stop. I watch a lot of LV items. These are the precious LV bags which can be treated newborns. You are a soft touch and much love. LV handbags are just some of the most luxurious of all handbags. They took the hard work and craftsmanship in every position, Louis, LV Galliera GM value. These are not your average designer handbags. If it is, there would be more people in the streets with real LV bags. You know what I mean.

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05 mai 2010

Louis Vuitton Is the Leader in Fashion Field In 2010

The 2010 Louis Vuitton Silvania Black Gold Wood Jewelry Collection is crafted from black wood for the main body. Earrings and rings from the collection are designed with more smooth and sly concepts, with golden Monogram motifs on the dark brown surface. Such lovely and adorable accessories that well embody the brand’s value are always great choice of gifts and rewards for oneself. Crafted from the Monogram Cheche fabric, which is black-on-beige monogrammed jacquard with lure and fluorescent threads, and an innovative mix of textile and soft leather, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy GM inspires a unique urban look.

Sized at 20″ x 17.7 x 9.4, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Gypsy GM’s huge capacity is versatile for daily use and travelling. In addition, an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap provides multiple ways to carry. A dangling brightly colored luggage tag is attached to the fastener. Open the drawstring and zip closure, you will find a zipped pocket inside designed to hold small accessories.

If you hesitate about the hefty price on authentic Louis Vuitton bags, a much affordable replica handbag from is always a great alternative.

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