13 mai 2010

Unbelievable LV Bags Accessories

The inspiration of LV handbags comes from the famous Fontana di Trevi in


. And it’s better known throughout the world due to one of the Oscar du meilleur films Roman Holiday. This series of Trevi has been applied with classic tessellated patterned canvas which came before the monogram, and used the bright red back lining. And one reason for its popularity lies with the optional shoulder strap providing the versatile carrying ways.

There are two sizes for LV bags Trevi series—GM and PM, which is also different from that of the others in GM, MM, and PM. GM is the biggest, measured






, while PM is the smallest in






. Either of them is spacious enough, so PM version is more commonly used in daily life. Besides, it’s amazing to find that from viewed from the side, the bag still looks delicate.

No matter the golden metal feet or the leather joining and trimming, any small detail could reflect that the top quality by Louis Vuitton brings you the most luxury visual and touching sense.

I have heard LV pouches, bags accessories, towel, bath towel and kitchen towel, but beach towel, are you serious? Do you mean the towel made of cotton or fabric to be put on the beach suffering the high temperature, people’s weight, continuous sweating, and the beach sand? Dear me, it must be a tough task to clean the beach towel.

Hey, Louis Vuitton, it’s you again. I have already admitted you are Mr. Omnipotent, but you seem to always enjoy the showing off that you are capable enough. Yup, this piece of beach towel is indeed lovely and sweet, I like the combination of pink and crimson very much. Wait, are you insane? $ 450 for a piece of beach towel…you got to be kidding me!!! Do you know how much money and manpower will cost me on cleaning this expensive towel? And don’t you know you are so big a name that everybody wants to own you by hook or by crook?

Well, if having the chance to go to the beach, I do not want brings Mr. Trouble along with me. I only want to switch off to enjoy the sunshine and the clear sea wind, and my eyes are only needed to focus on the beautiful beach scene not watch out for this beach towel all the time…Sorry, your beach towel are too precious to purchase…

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