12 mai 2010

LV Bags New Fashion Post in 2010

This owl-shaped face gives life to LV personalized necklace; furthermore, the necklace itself seems to have life, , lead you to the mysterious forest, gold tree leaves, green cryophyte, shining flower, diamond moon, all this make a whole story, that a story you can enjoy all your life.

Except imagine, LV bags also give u good taste and high quality like I always say only have beautiful is not enough, you need to shock me, and this necklace do so .Hope you can enough this story that I tell ,and give laugh to your life.

The answer is lying down, like the beautiful Lara Stone lying among a vast jungle, yes, it’s a joke. You don’t have to put your hands over your head, and give your legs a 45°angle. It’s uncomfortable. But the style of this picture show about is very fashionablecasual and CHIC, although I don’t really like the color of this paper, it’s kind of dark, and the model like a lonely princess fled to the forest with her LV handbags and her graceful posture,. This picture reminds me of the tragic moment when a model fall down on the runway and keeps hunting me once when I look to this photo. Although I don’t like the pose, at next picture, I’m totally defeated by the coloring of the denim color dress and clogs. The color is very beautiful , and will be the most powerful tornado crash all the fashion shows .Back to the dress is a good model for everyone, which use a one-piece dress to go with a T-shit ,it’s a clever matching, chic but not flaunt. This series of clothing shows a trend of LV style these recent years which is more and more young, and color is more and lighter. Next time, you can try this post with LV wallets. We believe you will chock most people.

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