14 mai 2010

Louis Vuitton Hat Box

As one of the top fashion houses in the world, LV bags have spread its branches almost into every corner of our daily life. Right now, Louis Vuitton is good at making its goods commercialized, however, not all the times only luxury without any use. Take this hat box for example; it’s powerful enough to prove LV sometimes is indeed kind and thoughtful.

Look at this vintage styled Louis Vuitton Hat Box sit on the innocent Taxi. It features a normal round leather box patterned with our familiar Louis Vuitton monogram detailing. And then you are holding replica LV wallets. Definitely, you will be the star.

With double golden brass zipper pulls as the closure or the open going all around the body, this box is crafted in exquisite white stitching and best leather trim. What’s really considerate is the leather handle part, which even leaves some creasing for the age or storage differences. And moreover, the brass toned feet at the bottom provide the security for the hat box. And something should be mentioned is the top lit or extra room, which has extend another elastic pleated space to hold your other essentials such as ID card. Also attached with a detachable shoulder strap for the multi-function, it measures approximately


in diameter and



Plus, the brown cotton canvas, also the most common color for LV pouches, is durable enough under the best condition to protect the hats from being broken or twisted. It’s a perfect living assistant to help you solve the hat problem and due to its stunning look, you are supposed to be the spotlight when carrying this hat box out.

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