08 mai 2010

New Crush from LV Bags

It is no wonder that people take


collections as the mark of the luxury. They will be much proud if they can buy one of the LV bags collections. Here we will give u the details why people can not resist the LV storm. GM Sistina is a challenging case with meticulous craftsmanship. This latest addition to the family Damier canvas is unmistakably feminine, with its soft folds. I love wrinkles. It’s only cute, and gives him more weight. The large capacity for this LV handbag is divided into three compartments with soft red microfiber lining to keep your things. There is a special case for your BlackBerry phone. Made of discreet Damier Canvas, this represents a striking engraved golden buckle on your bag securely and offers an elegant touch. It can be kept on the hands or shoulders for its adjustable strap.

The size of GM Sistina is 17.7 inches long,

12.2 cm

wide and

7.9 cm

in height. It is designed for everyday use or travel; retail $ 2,020 for a large variety. If you like LV, you should grab this show case for the new Member States! And you will never regret for buying this bags at so high cost. As the same case, the new design for LV briefcases is also the hot items for men. As soon as the represents announce the new design for briefcase will be released late this months, most successfully business men have already keep their eyes on this. They want to make sure that they can get the satisfied design briefcase. Even men will be so crazy about this, we will not mention how much charm for women and fashionable girls to own one



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